Book Review Dec 21
rabble staff | As 2005 wraps up, it's the perfect time to look back on the year and &#226;e&#166; read more book lounge reviews! That way, when someone asks you what you <I>really</I> want to read during your time
Book Review Dec 15
 The Pig That Wants to be Eaten: And Ninety-Nine Other Thought Experiments
Damian Tarnopolsky | The thought experiments in Julian Baggini's <I>The Pig That Wants to be Eaten</I> use appealing examples to raise serious questions: an environmentalist travels by greenhouse-gas-emitting jumbo jet
Book Review Dec 14
 The Republicans
Rita Leistner | Montreal-born photojournalist Steve Simon lays the pageantry and exhibitionism of American politics bare in his third book, <I>The Republicans.</I> Simon's work has a humour and irony that is particu
Book Review Dec 13
Michelle Langlois | So you're looking for a good book to give that special young person in your life, but your pesky politics and high standards are making it a challenge. Here are a few ideas that might make life a lit
Book Review Dec 8
 Blackfly Season
Beverley Daurio | There are frazzles and conniptions every day of any week. At the same time, looming, possibly, or beckoning, and carved out of busy, responsible occupation&#226;e"a few free hours. Some of us may fin
Book Review Dec 7
A.M. Dellamonica | From <I>Star Wars</I>-style space opera to speculation about the mechanics and ethics of future technologies, from tales that look at where humanity may be headed to light-weight futuristic thrillers
Book Review Dec 6
 The Tao of Inner Peace
Corvin Russell | Self-help continues to be a thriving industry. So why is it so hard to find good help these days? A dip into the Diane Dreher's trade in Tao leads <i>rabble</i>'s reviewer to feel this self-help guru
Book Review Dec 1
 Who da man?
Yohannes Edemariam | In <I>Who da Man? Black Masculinities and Sporting Cultures,</I> Gamal Abdel-Shehid explores athletics as metaphor for Canadian society. Both, he writes, are &#147;haunted by the reality and complexi
Book Review Nov 29
 A Short History of Indians in Canada
Steven James Stunell | At first, it felt as though these deeply ironic stories&#226;e"with flocks of Indians and legislating Borgs&#226;e"in Thomas King's <i>A Short History of Indians in Canada</i> didn&#226;e(TM)t like m
Book Review Nov 28
 Beyond the Promised Land
Matt Adams, chris cavanagh | Billed as &#147;part atheist-anarchist manifesto, part masterful survey of opposed philosophical and economic schools,&#148; David Noble's <I>Beyond the Promised Land</I> traces the connections and d
Book Review Nov 24
 Access All Areas
Carlyn Zwarenstein | <I>Access All Areas</i> is an urban-exploration how-to that gives readers practical tips for going where few have gone before&#226;e"and getting out unscathed. With Ninjalicious as your guide, you're
Book Review Nov 21
 Dream City
Ron Nurwisah | Lance Berelowitz's <I>Dream City</I> explores mythologized Vancouver: a northern Los Angeles, a West Coast escape for Eastern Canadians, Lotus Land... Whether or not it lives up to its image is a ano
Book Review Nov 19
 The Small Cities Book
Emily Schultz | <I>The Small Cities Book</I> presents the little city as a perfect Petri-dish for better urban living, while <I>Downtown Canada</I> celebrates this country as an urban wonderland. These two need to t
Book Review Nov 12
 The Sportswriter
Chris Koentges | &#147;There is mystery everywhere, even in a vulgar urine-scented, suburban depot such as this. You have only to let yourself in for it.&#148; As I thought my inner-city home was about to go up in fl
Book Review Oct 31
 Animals in Translation
Moira Farr | Temple Grandin, co-author of <i>Animals in Translation</i>, is the famous autistic genius whose innovations have made the lives, and deaths, of cows and pigs more bearable. PETA may scoff at anything