Book Review Dec 8
 Blackfly Season
Beverley Daurio | There are frazzles and conniptions every day of any week. At the same time, looming, possibly, or beckoning, and carved out of busy, responsible occupationâe"a few free hours. Some of us may fin
Book Review Dec 7
A.M. Dellamonica | From <I>Star Wars</I>-style space opera to speculation about the mechanics and ethics of future technologies, from tales that look at where humanity may be headed to light-weight futuristic thrillers
Book Review Dec 6
 The Tao of Inner Peace
Corvin Russell | Self-help continues to be a thriving industry. So why is it so hard to find good help these days? A dip into the Diane Dreher's trade in Tao leads <i>rabble</i>'s reviewer to feel this self-help guru
Book Review Dec 1
 Who da man?
Yohannes Edemariam | In <I>Who da Man? Black Masculinities and Sporting Cultures,</I> Gamal Abdel-Shehid explores athletics as metaphor for Canadian society. Both, he writes, are &#147;haunted by the reality and complexi
Book Review Nov 29
 A Short History of Indians in Canada
Steven James Stunell | At first, it felt as though these deeply ironic stories&#226;e"with flocks of Indians and legislating Borgs&#226;e"in Thomas King's <i>A Short History of Indians in Canada</i> didn&#226;e(TM)t like m
Book Review Nov 28
 Beyond the Promised Land
Matt Adams, chris cavanagh | Billed as &#147;part atheist-anarchist manifesto, part masterful survey of opposed philosophical and economic schools,&#148; David Noble's <I>Beyond the Promised Land</I> traces the connections and d
Book Review Nov 24
 Access All Areas
Carlyn Zwarenstein | <I>Access All Areas</i> is an urban-exploration how-to that gives readers practical tips for going where few have gone before&#226;e"and getting out unscathed. With Ninjalicious as your guide, you're
Book Review Nov 21
 Dream City
Ron Nurwisah | Lance Berelowitz's <I>Dream City</I> explores mythologized Vancouver: a northern Los Angeles, a West Coast escape for Eastern Canadians, Lotus Land... Whether or not it lives up to its image is a ano
Book Review Nov 19
 The Small Cities Book
Emily Schultz | <I>The Small Cities Book</I> presents the little city as a perfect Petri-dish for better urban living, while <I>Downtown Canada</I> celebrates this country as an urban wonderland. These two need to t
Book Review Nov 12
 The Sportswriter
Chris Koentges | &#147;There is mystery everywhere, even in a vulgar urine-scented, suburban depot such as this. You have only to let yourself in for it.&#148; As I thought my inner-city home was about to go up in fl
Book Review Oct 31
 Animals in Translation
Moira Farr | Temple Grandin, co-author of <i>Animals in Translation</i>, is the famous autistic genius whose innovations have made the lives, and deaths, of cows and pigs more bearable. PETA may scoff at anything
Book Review Oct 28
 Decreation: Poetry, Essays, Opera
chris cavanagh | Collage is an art of boundaries and border crossing. In <i> Decreation</i>, Anne Carson does the wee god of the crossroads proud. Something of a trickster, many of Carson's poems and passages have t
Book Review Oct 26
 Iron-On Constellations
Mariko Tamaki | Emily Pohl-Weary's <I>Iron-On Constellations</I> is an eloquent cluster of insights ironed onto small, square pages. Pop star Gwen Stefani may claim to be the fly on the wall with the &#147;secret ey
Book Review Sep 28
Jane Henderson | A new graphic novel, <I>Dragonslippers</I>, deals with one woman's struggle to leave an abusive relationship. Its author, Rosalind B. Penfold, joins in a new tradition, carved in ink by artists befor
Book Review Sep 27
 Water, Inc.
Judy Rebick | And not a drop to drink. In Varda Burstyn's eco-thriller <I>Water, Inc.</I> an American corporate consortium figures out that the best way to corner the market on Canadian water is by convincing the