Antonia Zerbisias

Freelance writer Antonia Zerbisias (@AntoniaZ) is best known for her award-winning media column and blog for the Toronto Star. But she also wrote about social justice, feminism and politics. Her career includes stints as a CBC-TV reporter and producer as well as co-host of CBC Newsworld’s Inside Media. After taking early retirement from the Star, she became weekly columnist for Al Jazeera English. An early adopter of social media, she created the viral hashtag #BeenRapedNeverReported. She holds an honours MBA from Montreal’s Concordia University.

Jul 20, 2018
Photo: Charles McVety on Twitter

Suffer all ye Ontario children

Antonia Zerbisias
Charles McVety, the so-called “evangelical leader” who delivered unto Doug Ford a social conservative Christian base, is less about loving the poor and disadvantaged and more about promoting hate.
Oct 15, 2015

What we do before and after we vote matters most

Antonia Zerbisias
In today’s concentrated, corporatized and industrial media world, those who challenge the established order rarely get any ink or airtime. Let's change that.


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