Ralph Surette

Ralph Surette is a veteran freelance journalist living in Yarmouth County.

Ralph Surette
Nov 30, 2009

The future of forestry in Nova Scotia

A 60-megawatt forest-burning power plant at the NewPage pulp mill at Port Hawkesbury, recently given the go-ahead by Premier Darrell Dexter, has raised the ire of environmentalists.
Nov 9, 2009

Registry: Bureaucracy gone bad?

The bill to kill the national gun registry has gone to committee before it emerges for the final reading. With extreme luck, they might even make it the lean thing it should have been to begin with.
Nov 2, 2009

Developing coastal policy in Nova Scotia

An elaborate "state of the coast" report is ready to go to cabinet in Nova Scotia, with the end result being a new coastal strategy. Some, however, worry that the whole thing is still in drift mode.
Oct 26, 2009

NDP still winning in Nova Scotia

This week's byelection results are another signal of how deeply things have changed in Nova Scotia. Not only is the NDP still gaining, but this would have been nearly unthinkable a short while ago.
Oct 12, 2009

Reviewing energy policy in Nova Scotia

The first test of an energy policy for the new age is not "alternative energy" at all -- but rather conservation first, then energy efficiency and decentralization of the power structure.


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