Ralph Surette

Ralph Surette is a veteran freelance journalist living in Yarmouth County.

Ralph Surette
Apr 11, 2011

The erosion of Canada's democracy

I've spent the week fielding an avalanche of emails in response to my column of last week. If you're not bored with the subject, let me carry on a bit more on the shaky issue of democracy.
Apr 4, 2011

What's at stake in this election

Through a rising crescendo of deceit, manipulation, corruption and assaults on parliamentary democracy, the "that's them exactly!" of the Harper government has become abundantly clear.
Mar 28, 2011

What's behind rising food prices?

Food prices are at their highest levels ever and poised to rise higher (eight per cent in Canada). This news was working its way to prominence a few weeks ago when other events washed over it.
Mar 14, 2011

Halting rising drug costs in Canada

Drug costs are the fastest-rising part of a public system said to be heading for the rocks, but are equally tough on private drug plans, which account for over half of drug spending in Canada.


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