Rick Salutin

Rick Salutin is a Canadian novelist, playwright and critic. He is a strong advocate of left wing causes and writes a regular column in the Toronto Star.

Oct 31, 2003

Comparing acts of dissent

Sonallah Ibrahim is an eminent Egyptian novelist, age 66. Last week in Cairo, at a prestigious forum, “organized every two years by Egypt's Supreme Council for Culture with the participation of
Oct 24, 2003

Toronto's mayor's nest of a campaign

It seems to me that dirty streets are the dirty secret of Toronto's surprisingly competitive mayoral race. David Miller, the most “left” of the candidates — in the mild sense that he a
Oct 17, 2003

Life, death, politics (and dogs)

The Bush government is trying to rebut mass American anxiety about the occupation of Iraq by addressing local media outlets directly and bypassing the overly critical national media. So the President
Oct 10, 2003

Final act of Ontoryo macho

What accounts for Ontario Premier Ernie Eves bizarrely blurting out, as his defeat in the provincial election loomed last week, that Liberal Leader Dalton McGuinty will say “whatever pops into h
Oct 3, 2003

What we do about the Holocaust

I was a teenager when I met Emil Fackenheim, and was overwhelmed that a man of such mighty intellect would use it to search for faith rather than dismiss it. He did not try to justify the Holocaust o
Sep 26, 2003

Hail the awkward and creepy

They — in this case, the journalistic “they” — are trying to convince us that a new, relaxed Dalton McGuinty is running in this Ontario election. “Observers have commented on
Sep 20, 2003

The uses of an Arafat

The government of Israel will not deport President Yasser Arafat of the Palestinian Authority nor kill him, although it has said it is considering both. This failure to act will not be due to interna
Sep 12, 2003

The message is the same

I don't mean that no cultural specifics separate the situations of the Haida, the WTO and the Middle East. But there's a human commonness, too, that would be easily visible to an impartial observer o
Sep 5, 2003

Debate of my dreams

In my dreams, this Ontario election will be a referendum on the neoconservative (or, as they call it elsewhere, neoliberal) ideology that has dominated politics in the West for about 25 years, starti
Aug 29, 2003

Forward on life's tightrope

In 1947, when he was four, Charlie Pachter beat out a hundred other kids for the role of Johnny in a National Film Board documentary, <i>Johnny at the Fair</i>. He played a kid who loses his parents


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