Rick Salutin

Rick Salutin is a Canadian novelist, playwright and critic. He is a strong advocate of left wing causes and writes a regular column in the Toronto Star.

Dec 6, 2002

What McLuhan Missed

Filmmaker Kevin McMahon, in <I>McLuhan&#146;s Wake,</I> depicts a favourite McLuhan story, by Edgar Allan Poe, about a sailor sucked into a whirlpool who uses his helplessness as an opportunity to st
Nov 29, 2002

Redemption and the Road to Romanow

Never mind what&#146;s old or new or status quo. Ask what values or models should guide public policy on health care. Saying it&#146;s public versus private merely states the categories. So try this:
Nov 23, 2002

Hydro, Hockey, Grey Cup and Pie

The standard explanation for survival of local cultures in the global era is based on a fear of losing identity and so generating alternate images. But this ignores the fact that &#147;global&#148; c
Nov 16, 2002

The New Post-Imperial Imperialism

U.S. policy is widely seen as unjust and hypocritical. Leave aside whether the perception is correct; it is a force in itself. The new bin Laden tape is based almost wholly on that perception. It str
Nov 8, 2002

Busy Izzy and the Sniper

For the three weeks leading to the U.S. elections, the entire nation, by media osmosis, gets mesmerized and terrified by the D.C. sniper. It doesn&#146;t matter that he had nothing to do with al-Qaed
Nov 1, 2002

Perspective Is Everything

Or so say those ads for <i>The Globe and Mail.</i> So I&#146;d like to offer mine on an event of the past week: the election of former steelworker and union leader, Lula, as Brazil&#146;s new preside
Oct 26, 2002

Basking in Fear and Paranoia

There is a culture of fear that pervades the U.S. Well, at least it monopolizes their TV sets. Their news often seems to consist of murders (and some fires), and most recently, an exciting chase of a
Oct 18, 2002


In the war zone the Middle East has become, arrows criss-cross the area not just in the form of hate, but as a sort of second-order hate, in which people accuse each other of hating.
Oct 11, 2002

A Canadian Clash of Civilizations

Canadians can politely debate our immigration policy, the us versus them of the argument, but the issues often go far deeper than the simple question of who we let in and who we don't.
Oct 4, 2002

Making Do With Defiance

What could possibly replace the grim satisfactions of revenge from suicide bombings? In the long run, perhaps a healthy, independent society. In the short term, one can hope that a positive experienc


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