Rick Salutin

Rick Salutin is a Canadian novelist, playwright and critic. He is a strong advocate of left wing causes and writes a regular column in the Toronto Star.

Apr 25, 2003

Jumping on a Strange Horse

What is it with our leaders? They know they’re supposed to do something called leading but seem to have no idea what it looks like. People are not looking for daredevil acts like lunch in Chinat
Apr 19, 2003

When ‘Free People’ Loot

It is striking, even shocking, how distressed many of us felt, amid the real destruction and brutality of a war, by the mere loss of cultural artifacts (at Baghdad’s National Museum) and documen
Apr 11, 2003

While Watching This War

Someone I know says he watches even more of the Leafs than usual. Says it helps keep his mind off the war. It made me wonder if I watch so much of the war to keep my mind off the Leafs. So many of us
Apr 4, 2003

The Other Superpower

It’s one thing to freeze your buns on a march, be derided in the media and ignored by your government, then long after, perhaps, have an indirect effect, like the movement against war in Vietnam
Mar 28, 2003

Welcome to Iraqland, Or Not

“In this unipolar world that has existed since the collapse of the Soviet Union, all roads lead to Washington. It may be offensive to some to hear me say that but it happens to be true. If you w
Mar 21, 2003

In Praise of Straddling, Uh, Dithering

Personally, I’m in favour of some dithering on tough choices, from hockey trades all the way to wars. Dithering is human, even reassuring. It’s like hearing informed people start by saying:
Mar 14, 2003

The Dubious Genius Of Dubya

Where does the distinct odour of fanaticism come from, as this war approaches? Osama bin Laden, of course. Saddam Hussein? Not really. He isn’t even “reckless” or a “serial miscal
Mar 7, 2003

It Wasn't Just Mr. Rogers' Niceness to Kids

It’s true of all the tales and shows that teach moral or political “lessons.” You can sense the elements — nudges, winks, asides — that have been inserted for adults. I suppo
Feb 28, 2003

What’s the Moral of this Story?

Okay, Tony Blair, let’s talk about morality. A morality that has struck a divide between good and evil. The Islamists (or Islamicists) versus the Civilized World. What the hell does it mean? How
Feb 21, 2003

Down with this Stuff

What I found impressive in last weekend’s anti-war protests was less their size and range, or the way they were often biggest in countries whose regimes support an attack on Iraq (a million in L


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