Rick Salutin

Rick Salutin is a Canadian novelist, playwright and critic. He is a strong advocate of left wing causes and writes a regular column in the Toronto Star.

Feb 14, 2003

Merrily Marching Off to War

If the backstory of September 11 concerns the way erratic, distraught individuals such as Zacarias Moussaoui are used by small, secretive, fanatical gangs such as al-Qaeda to wreak terror with minima
Feb 7, 2003

You’re Heading For A Smack

After the solemn memorial service in Houston for the Columbia shuttle crew, a CNN reporter, over a shot of their kids, said “it” couldn’t have sunk in yet. But isn’t that so of ev
Jan 31, 2003

And The Winner is Disobedience

The search for a motive for America’s war-in-waiting continues. Having dismissed the official candidates — terror, evil, weapons of mass destruction, tyranny — in previous columns, I&
Jan 24, 2003

The Hip And Funky NDP

You don’t declare yourself new, fresh or different; you leave that judgment to voters. It’s embarrassing, like old folks shouting, “I’m hip, I’m funky.” Hmm, must be the
Jan 17, 2003

A Mind Is A Terrible Place To Go

Yesterday, Toronto police held a fraught press conference on their investigation of a child pornography “ring,” i.e., people who used credit cards to buy images from a U.S. company. One off
Jan 10, 2003

Robin Hood Riding through the Desert?

I saw Ross Petty&#146;s &#147;pantomime&#148; production of <I>Robin Hood </I>at Toronto&#146;s Elgin Theatre over the holiday, and was reminded of the story&#146;s endless flexibility. If the Robin
Dec 20, 2002

Tis the Season to Fulminate

Christmas is coming. As everyone knows, it had to do with taxes. The Romans ordered a census, the purpose of which was to update the tax records, so Joseph and Mary had to return home to Bethlehem &#
Dec 13, 2002

Revelation: Voices of America

I went on Dennis Pragers&#146; show yesterday for an hour from L.A. What piqued Dennis&#146;s interest was an item on <i>New York Times</i> columnist Thomas Friedman, whom I described as showing a se
Dec 6, 2002

What McLuhan Missed

Filmmaker Kevin McMahon, in <I>McLuhan&#146;s Wake,</I> depicts a favourite McLuhan story, by Edgar Allan Poe, about a sailor sucked into a whirlpool who uses his helplessness as an opportunity to st
Nov 29, 2002

Redemption and the Road to Romanow

Never mind what&#146;s old or new or status quo. Ask what values or models should guide public policy on health care. Saying it&#146;s public versus private merely states the categories. So try this:


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