Rick Salutin

Rick Salutin is a Canadian novelist, playwright and critic. He is a strong advocate of left wing causes and writes a regular column in the Toronto Star.

Jul 19, 2002

Race Hate and Self Hate

Toronto police have provisionally concluded that last Sunday's murder of David Rosenzweig was not a hate crime and so the media have pretty much decamped, since the story's essence for them was never
Jul 12, 2002

Temporarily Freeze Those Payments, Pardner!

On Wall Street, in a speech about the recent cases of economic fraud and deception, President Bush felt a need to "reaffirm the basic principles and rules that make capitalism work." That sounds seri
Jun 28, 2002

World Events Around the Water Cooler

The entire world of international politics is filled with inconsistencies; it is pretty much equivalent to them. If people reacted to pronouncements by world leaders on world affairs the way they do
Jun 21, 2002

The Four Seasons of Toronto

Yesterday, we learned that Toronto's new opera house will be named after Four Seasons hotels, in genuflection to a twenty-million dollar tax write-off. "It's not just about philanthropy," said the co
Jun 14, 2002

Who's Afraid of the Zeitgeist? The NDP?

Lately, the Liberals have been able to ignore any challenge from the left, due to a demoralized NDP (it would be hard to understate how depressed many members are); leaders who tended to fade from vi
Jun 7, 2002

When Did Politics Get So Exciting?

Can someone please tell me what Jean and Paul have done between them in nine years in power, with no big disagreements by their own testimony, besides extending the Mulroney agenda they were hell-ben
May 31, 2002

Love that Smell of Corruption

I'd like to say a good word for government corruption, given the pasting that it's taken this week. So here it is. Corruption is so comfortable and reassuring, compared to most political news of rece
May 24, 2002

Bush: Dumb by Choice

Remember Dick Cheney saying: ". . . do all that we can to ensure that . . . 9/11 never happens again." Well, I'm saying he was lying. They have chosen not to do all they can. This may sound like my p
May 17, 2002

Did the Pundits take the Allies in Four?

Having pundits predict correct, certain answers to difficult questions is reassuring for our species. No one likes to feel that the important events in our lives - wars, children, Stanley Cups - are


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