Rick Salutin

Rick Salutin is a Canadian novelist, playwright and critic. He is a strong advocate of left wing causes and writes a regular column in the Toronto Star.

Oct 11, 2002

A Canadian Clash of Civilizations

Canadians can politely debate our immigration policy, the us versus them of the argument, but the issues often go far deeper than the simple question of who we let in and who we don't.
Oct 4, 2002

Making Do With Defiance

What could possibly replace the grim satisfactions of revenge from suicide bombings? In the long run, perhaps a healthy, independent society. In the short term, one can hope that a positive experienc
Sep 27, 2002

A Lack of Balance

Without a counter super-power to the United States, there is a serious lack of balance in international politics. And speaking of international politics, the US rules with its doctrine of "we are big
Sep 20, 2002

The Big Chill

Society's problem hasn't been suppression of the debate about terror and September 11, it's been suppression of many other debates and usurpation of their space by that one. It's a chill of a differ
Sep 13, 2002

The Politics of Symbolism

Did Americans deserve September 11? To some extent, this depends on whether you are talking symbolically. Surely the people in the buildings and planes did not deserve it or bear responsibility, no m
Sep 6, 2002

Of All Things September 11

Even if you see September 11 as an example of crazed, criminal hatred, twisted and convoluted by ideology or religion as such things often are, it remains normal to the human genre. For this reason,
Sep 1, 2002

Read Between the Lines

The language of war. A few months back, terms like <I>regime change</I> would have been cryptic. Who wouldn&#146;t want a regime change? Kids want one from their parents. Fans want a regime change at
Aug 26, 2002

Yoohoo, We're Here Too!

It often seems the only issue the Tories are eager to discuss is whether they should merge with the Alliance to &#147;unite the right&#148; and thus challenge the mighty Liberals. All right. The answ
Aug 16, 2002

Repeat After Me: Stock Markets Are Not Us

The good up, the bad down, and the ugly. It&#146;s worse than sports scores. No one equates those with a society&#146;s welfare. Yet stock markets have somehow managed to equate themselves with the e


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