Rick Salutin

Rick Salutin is a Canadian novelist, playwright and critic. He is a strong advocate of left wing causes and writes a regular column in the Toronto Star.

Dec 14, 2001

Everybody Wants to Make Jihad

Who would have thought that, in the early twenty-first century, socialism and communism would not be political factors, while religious fundamentalism would? It's nice to be surprised, I guess.
Dec 7, 2001

Heather Reisman and the Taliban Kid

It's not surprising that states employ terror, given their power. Nor is the point that one kind of terror justifies the other. The point is that terror is reprehensible, wherever it's used, because
Nov 30, 2001

Britain: A Nation of Sheep and Barbarians

I know Tony Blair has his Canadian fans, some here at The Globe and Mail, but with U.S. leaders telling their allies publicly to take no prisoners, and their special forces calling in jet strikes on
Nov 23, 2001

Fear the Loss of Reason

I can hear some readers grinding their teeth and saying through them: You can't sit around having philosophical discussions while our society is being bombed and infected. You have to act - fast! But
Nov 16, 2001

Just Who Do They Think They Are?

It seems to me there is a subtext to this crisis of, How dare they challenge us? Just who do these people think they are? The West likes to think of itself as the engine of history.
Nov 9, 2001

Complexity: What An Amazing Concept!

Whatever the virtues of simplifying the news, you have to admit there aren't many places to go once you reduce a huge mess to something like good versus evil. As we've seen this past week, the news o
Nov 2, 2001

If Kandahar Burns, Will We Feel Safer?

We are at a point where there may be no security for anyone in the world unless there is security for all. That used to be rhetoric; now it's close to literal truth. The deaths of more innocents will
Oct 12, 2001

Absorbing the Lessons of September 11

A shining example of a compassionate response, in my view, came from an American couple who lost a son in the World Trade Center and were asked if they favoured mass bombing in retaliation. They said


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