Rick Salutin

Rick Salutin is a Canadian novelist, playwright and critic. He is a strong advocate of left wing causes and writes a regular column in the Toronto Star.

Oct 5, 2001

The Fear of Thinking

If truth is the first casualty in war, I guess we can now say humour is the second. Many of us tend to associate funny with smart and, on that basis, I nominate as the third casualty thought itself,
Sep 21, 2001

American Elections and Jazz

When these enemies of America actually speak - including numerous interviews with Osama bin Laden - they stress a litany of U.S. policies and acts abroad. They never say they hate American elections
Sep 14, 2001

One Way to Beat the Bombers

You can't hunt it down because no country is its home; its home is despair, delusion and faith in values such as cosmic war and an afterlife. You can't "make them pay"; they're already dead. You can'
Sep 7, 2001

Racism Can Make You Crazy

Walking out is normally a power play. It reveals who and what counts to the walker. Trade counts, so you don't walk out of the World Trade Organization, but racism doesn't, not as much.
Aug 24, 2001

Who Owes What in a Racist World?

If the world we live in made a serious attempt to correct social injustice and increase equality, then the angry claims of the poorest groups would likely diminish.
Aug 17, 2001

Moses Goes to the Mountain

TV guy Moses Znaimer was hell to try to draw into discussion, like an embodiment of his commitment to the visual. The audience grew fascinated with whether he'd speak at all. Eventually, Moses lighte
Aug 10, 2001

Anarchism: Its Time has Come Again

The dominant system preaches individualism but actually grinds most individuals into poverty or pre-occupation with survival, destroying the chance for their individuality to thrive. Anarchism declin
Aug 3, 2001

Might Makes Rights

For anyone who idealizes the judicial process, I'd prescribe a half-day in court once a year. The lawyers are out to win for their clients, not find the truth; the judges are susceptible to flattery


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