Rick Salutin

Rick Salutin is a Canadian novelist, playwright and critic. He is a strong advocate of left wing causes and writes a regular column in the Toronto Star.

Mar 8, 2002

The Edifice Complex, and More on War

A number of America's European allies met last month to "focus on conditions that breed terrorism" where they put special stress on poverty. Let's say instead that it is not poverty, but a sense of i
Mar 1, 2002

Lest We Forget Nationalism

The Olympics are almost entirely a celebration of nationalism, not individual achievement, and in the era of globalization, national passions show no sign of becoming obsolete ...
Feb 15, 2002

Morality is the Only Practicality

A group of Israeli army reservists have publicly said they refuse to serve in the occupied territories. The impact here is that they have cut through the fear and rage that cloud clear thinking on bo
Feb 8, 2002

Misdirection, Anti-Magic and Enron

Enron, the ant-magician, have given away the secret of a great trick of the past twenty years. I mean the fake debate over government versus private enterprise, or public versus private sector.
Feb 1, 2002

The Age of Cheesy Abstractions

Since September 11, I would say we have lived in a world dominated by abstractions that are neither good nor evil, but simply cheesy, and which don't help much at all.
Jan 25, 2002

Hugged by my Dry-Cleaner

Don't blame the privatizers because of our crumbling health care system. They've tried everything, including accusations of timidity. "I hope you will overcome the fear of change," Ralph Klein told A
Jan 18, 2002

Hello Kandahar, Goodbye Frank Shuster

Since the 1960s, it has felt like Canadians either had to fight the Americans or join them; and since then the pressures have kept increasing. After September 11, the issues here are not just politic
Jan 11, 2002

We're Overdrawn at the Image Bank

The question of whether art imitates life or the reverse has long been settled: art, in the crass sense, won. Most of us have seen far more images of reality than we have actual landscapes, personali
Jan 5, 2002

War and Writing

I dream of writing on Stockwell Day or globalization once again. I don't even think this is a war, yet I repeatedly call it that. Maybe I hear quotes around it in my mind, but forget to insert them.


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