Rick Salutin

Rick Salutin is a Canadian novelist, playwright and critic. He is a strong advocate of left wing causes and writes a regular column in the Toronto Star.

Aug 10, 2001

Anarchism: Its Time has Come Again

The dominant system preaches individualism but actually grinds most individuals into poverty or pre-occupation with survival, destroying the chance for their individuality to thrive. Anarchism declin
Aug 3, 2001

Might Makes Rights

For anyone who idealizes the judicial process, I'd prescribe a half-day in court once a year. The lawyers are out to win for their clients, not find the truth; the judges are susceptible to flattery
Jul 27, 2001

The Education of A. Davis

We owe people like Antonio Davis, who remind us that education is about things beyond acquiring marketable skills, and that these include a sense of national identity.
Jul 20, 2001

Death and Politics in Ontario

Politics is now about ideas and theories on markets, free trade, liberating individual initiative from the burden of government. Economics, basically. Yet Mike Harris ends up having sent the people o
Jul 6, 2001

John, Paul and the Fall of Toronto

Both John Sewell and Paul Godfrey have been mayor of Toronto at one time. Sewell built affordable housing and a sense of citizenship. Godrey led the push to build the SkyDome. You could put these two
Jun 29, 2001

Notes for the Cartoonists' Convention

It's jazz festival week in Toronto. The sounds of Peter Appleyard's vibraphone drift across Queen Street from the big white tent with chandeliers in City Hall Square. It's a kind of camouflage, or so
Jun 22, 2001

Take Two Fits, Call Me in the Morning

More on the Thomas Walkom-Robert Fulford to-and-fro: In the <i>National Post</i>, you can't avoid "news" about its own campaign to unite the right, the brain-drain it alone discerns, or the national
Jun 15, 2001

The Off-Season as Metaphor, and Genius.com

In politics, as in sports, off-season is the season of hope. A time when everything is possible. It is the hour of pure theory: What if we combine two parties? What if we change our name? What about
Jun 8, 2001

We Have a Failure to Differentiate

This week the Alliance and Conservative parties got together to talk about uniting the right under a new name. People in the NDP talked about creating a new party and uniting the right. But no matter
Jun 1, 2001

Tell Us No Stories, Tell Us No Lies

U.S. politics' sole genius is the ability to generate high-speed drama from from a standing start. Last week's Jim Jeffords story proved one thing: the high drama of a political event is in inverse p


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