Rick Salutin

Rick Salutin is a Canadian novelist, playwright and critic. He is a strong advocate of left wing causes and writes a regular column in the Toronto Star.

Sep 26, 2008

In praise of weak leadership

<i>Maclean's</i> began its issue on "The Leaders" with: "That every federal election is about leadership is axiomatic." Well, axioms are worth challenging &#151; parallel lines never intersect, the f
Sep 19, 2008

The piano man and the economic crisis

This week, I toured the rebuilt, expanded Royal Conservatory of Music on Bloor Street in Toronto, between the new museum and the new Varsity Stadium. It's bright and busy, it hums (trills, rumbles, e
Sep 12, 2008

Vote for Canada's election

Let me be clear. I was totally engaged by the U.S. election until it began. The runup &#151; the primary season &#151; was gripping, e
Sep 5, 2008

The arts funding cloud

Personally, I think Stephen Harper is calling an election now to get out from under the arts funding cloud &#151; all the protests aga


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