Cory Collins

Cory Collins is a nonfiction writer, visual artist, poet and contributor to and other publications. His poetry, criticism and art work have
appeared in the Island Review, Lemon Hound, The Telegram, Burnaby Now, Off
the Coast and Cordite Poetry Review, while he has written on current
events, economic news and political affairs for Aslan Media, People's
World, Bee Culture and Canadian Dimension. He lives in St. John's and can
be contacted via Twitter @coryGcollins or

Cory Collins
Oct 28, 2016
Photo by Ossie Michelin

Make Muskrat Right activists celebrate cautious victory

Cory Collins
Action over Muskrat Falls gained momentum following occupation of the project's work site. Premier Dwight Ball met with Aboriginal leaders on Tuesday, which ended with an agreement on the project.
May 20, 2016
Image: Flickr/Joka Madruga

Is Venezuela on the brink of another coup?

Cory Collins
Amidst a dire economic situation and Rousseff's suspension in Brazil, Venezuela declares a state of emergency and accuses the U.S. of a coup plot.


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