Ella Bedard

Ella is a historian-come-journalist with fickle tastes and strong progressive principles. She has written about labour issues for Dominion.ca and the Halifax Media Co-op and is the co-producer of the radio documentary The Amelie: Canadian Refugee Policy and the Story of the 1987 Boat People. While completing a BA and MA in History and Contemporary Studies, she lived on both Canadian coasts and was proud to take part in several community research and oral history projects. She now lives in Toronto where she enjoys chasing the labour beat, biking, and birding.

Ella Bedard
Apr 10, 2015
Photo: flickr/Matthew Black

This week in labour: Take that, austerity!

Ella Bedard
This week in labour we've got ever more resistance to austerity measures, more folks in strike position, and workers trying to rescue our public services. Check it out.


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