Jerry Dias

Jerry Dias was elected at the Unifor Founding Convention on August 31, 2013 as the first National President.
He is an experienced and trusted negotiator and organizer, taking on corporate giants from General Motors to Boeing to Coca-Cola. Jerry is a committed trade unionist, focused on the needs of local union leaders and rank-and-file members. His dedication has earned him the trust of members and shop floor bargaining committees right across the country.

Jerry Dias
Oct 29, 2013
Image: flickr/epsos

CETA will make Canadians 'hewers of wood'

Jerry Dias
We know so little about Harper's secret CETA deal and already there's cause for concern. Will CETA really help Canadians or will it send manufacturing jobs even further abroad?
Sep 26, 2013

Why I walk (and it's not for the free shoes)

Jerry Dias
When you think of father-son time, the activities don't normally involve going for a stroll in pink high-heeled shoes. But I'm not always one for convention.
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