Katie Perfitt

Mar 7, 2019

What is a 'made in Canada' Green New Deal?

Cam Fenton
Aurore Fauret
Atiya Jaffar
Clayton Thomas-Muller
Katie Perfitt
Jennifer Deol
Emma Jackson
A Green New Deal for Canada must work in service of real reconciliation with Indigenous peoples while enshrining dignity, justice, and equity for all.
Nov 30, 2014

Canada's facepalm moment at COP20: Carbon capture just doesn't work

Kelsey Mech
Brenna Owen
Alex Cool-Fergus
Katie Perfitt
Bronwen Tucker
Megan Van Buskirk
Aleah Loney
Canada's most recent INDC proposal avoids any mention of the tar sands and our increasing inability to meet emissions targets, and outlines only a handful of inadequate "solutions."
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