Svea Vikander

Svea Vikander is a Swedish-Canadian radio host and therapist currently residing in Berkeley, California. She is a passionate cultural critic and recently joined Arts in Review, the longest-running arts radio show in the Bay Area.

Svea is the founder of Studio Béluga, a work and exhibition space established in a converted warehouse in Montréal in 2009. There, she helmed a team of creative professionals, curating the work of over 60 artists, coordinating international residencies, eliciting wide media coverage, and cleaning up after too many wine-fuelled parties.

Svea also holds an MA in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Goddard College, VT. She brings anti-oppression values to her clinical practice, where her expertise is in maternal mental health and ADHD treatment. She has two kids, no pets, and a lot of sequined vintage clothing.

Svea Vikander
Feb 2, 2016
School photo // Age 6 // Salt Spring Island

Day two: Slut-shamed on Salt Spring at 11 years old

Svea Vikander
Day two of a month-long project in which Svea documents a series of memories that just wouldn't leave her alone after she learned about the Jian Ghomeshi scandal in late 2014.


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