Tara Mahoney

Before completing her master's degree in media production from Ryerson University, Tara worked in the non-profit sector as Community Outreach Coordinator for a non-profit film school, Pull Focus and campaigned for the Sierra Club of Canada and Greenpeace at their Headquarters in Washington D.C. Along with environmental activism, social justice issues have always been important to Tara -- illustrated most clearly in her first documentary film, ForGive. Tara wrote, directed and produced ForGive, a film that follows National Chief Phil Fontaine to the Vatican to seek an apology from Pope Benedict XVI for the culture damaged caused by Indian Residential Schools.

Dec 9, 2011

Dear Generation Why: A letter to my younger self

Tara Mahoney
This article is a letter to written to my younger self 50 years from now, looking at the current global situation and generation Y's role in ushering in mass social change.
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