Canadian Federation of Nurses Unions

Protecting the health of patients and our national health system, and promoting nurses and the nursing profession at the national level - and doing it effectively - is the job of the Canadian Federation of Nurses Unions.

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Jun 18, 2003
Canada's New Head Nurse

Canada's New Head Nurse

Linda Silas has been elected to succeed Kathleen Connors at the helm of Canada's largest nurses’ organization. Silas is the first francophone to lead the Canadian Federation of Nurses Unions, re
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Nov 28, 2002

Romanow's Right, Nurses Say

Canada's largest nurses' organization is already praising today's seminal report on the future of medicare. Its president singled out Roy Romanow's recommendations to improve home care, diagnostic se
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Sep 17, 2002

Canada Faces Nursing Crisis

Slashing at medicare has left Canada with too few nurses — and too many suffering physical and emotional burnout. This ugly portrait appears in a recent report from an expert committee commissio


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