Canadian Union of Public Employees

With 570,000 members across Canada, CUPE represents workers in health care, education, municipalities, libraries, universities, social services, public utilities, transportation, emergency services and airlines.

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Mar 31, 2003

Workers Face SARS Threat

More than 1,600 people around the world have been infected, and at least fifty-four have now died from Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS), including four Canadians. With health-care and social
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Mar 18, 2003

World Needs Water Not War

Union leaders attending the World Water Forum expressed outrage today as discussions on assuring safe, clean water for all were “torpedoed” by George W. Bush’s announcement that U.S.-l
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Feb 28, 2003

It’s RSI Awareness Day

Nearly two million Canadians suffer from repetitive strain injuries (RSI). But even as the numbers climb, these disabling conditions remain poorly understood by workers, employers and medical profess
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Feb 26, 2003
CUPE Head Steps Down

CUPE Head Steps Down

Judy Darcy is stepping down after twelve years at the helm of Canada’s largest public sector union. Darcy announced today that she won’t stand for re-election at CUPE’s national conven
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Feb 13, 2003

Strike Hits UBC

Picket lines went up this morning at the University of British Columbia as 1,600 teaching assistants, markers and instructors stopped work. Mediation broke down last Friday over skyrocketing tuition


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