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In cahoots
Nov 12, 2004

Bush has no mandate for war

Millions are shocked and angry that George Bush has won another term as U.S. president. He is rightly hated around the world as a dangerous, reactionary war-monger. In many quarters the election resu
In cahoots
Jul 26, 2004


With each new period of radicalization, debates arise within socialist movements about how to move forward. One popular current claims to be the most radical. Its advocates call for small groups of s
In cahoots
May 26, 2004

Spot the Tory

Paul Martin has one campaign plank in this federal election: <i>He isn't Stephen Harper.</i> Martin says he is the peace candidate, while the Tory leader is the war candidate. He says Harper is a thr
In cahoots
Apr 22, 2004

Iraq's so-called contractors

On March 28 a Canadian contractor was killed in Mosul, Iraq. Two days later, four American contractors were killed in Fallujah, their corpses dragged through the streets. And according to Doug Nesbit


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