in their own words

Dec 2, 2002

Dear Israel, I Object

Yigal Bronner
“Why does a man of my age — married with two children — ‘need all this?’ Why is it ‘worth my while’ to refuse to serve in the Occupied Territories?” A refusn
Dec 7, 2001

A Korean in Canada

Finn Harvor
Before I came to Canada to study, I worked in a hotel. So I understand how foreigners feel. They want people to smile. So I smile. But at first it was difficult. Because in Korea if a woman smiles, i
Oct 12, 2001

Lunch in Yorkville

Finn Harvor
Some of the restaurant staff objected to the presence of our protest, but could do little aside from issuing threats. This was a place where rich folks felt "safe" from the rabble that they kept out


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