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| Demand a stronger approach to climate change
Book Review
various | Inuit Elders from across the Canadian Arctic share their observations on vegetation changes, thawing permafrost, changing wildlife patterns, and other transformations.
The Salt Plains of Wood Buffalo National Park, Northwest Territories, Canada ©20
George Lessard | Wood Buffalo National Park was listed as a World Heritage Site over 30 years ago for its globally unique and important ecosystems.
Photo: flickr/creative commons
Joshua Davidson | NDP MP Dennis Bevington led a motion calling for urgent reform to the Nutrition North food subsidy program because it is not serving the community properly. The motion was defeated on June 8. Why?
Rally Against Fracking in the NWT
George Lessard | Fracking Action North Rally Against Fracking in the NWT video
Photo: flickr/Alan Sim
Nick Falvo | Nick Falvo discusses the state of homelessness and housing in Northern Canada. Here are 10 things you need to know.
Former Justice Thomas Berger opens "Thunder in our Voices" exhibition
George Lessard | Between 1975 and 1977, Justice Thomas Berger visited 30 communities in the NWT and the Yukon to hold hearings into the proposed Mackenzie Valley Pipeline. In this video, he speaks of those days.
STAND UP Against C 51 in Yellowknife, NWT
George Lessard | Stand up against Bill C-51 in Yellowknife, NWT.
Scott Neigh | Lorraine Hewlett, Shannon Moore, and Courtney Howard talk about Fracking Action North and the fight against hydraulic fracturing in the Northwest Territories.
rabble staff | The new book by rabble's Parliamentary reporter, Karl Nerenberg, shares insight into the often opaque workings of Harper's Parliament.
NWT Legislative Assembly's flags are at half mast
George Lessard | "...Canadian and Northern resolve [will] continue to be stronger then ever..."
Northern Native Broadcast Access Program
George Lessard | "...a comprehensive survey of communications in the circumpolar region, focusing on the Canadian Arctic and sub-Arctic but also looking at the circumpolar North..."