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Private schools under investigation for grade inflation

Education Minister Kathleen Wynne says she plans to tighten scrutiny of part-time private schools that critics charge

are granting public school teens A-plus credits with little accountability.

Wynne was responding to warnings from public school principals of a two-tiered system in which their richer students

take or retake several subjects at a private school to get high marks to add to their transcripts and gain an edge for

university and scholarships.


Isn't it nice to know you can just buy the grades you want?

Apr 6, 2009

Is Barack Obama the Bob Rae of the United States?

James Laxer
<p>It may seem a preposterous proposition but the political perils in the path of Barack Obama are remarkably similar to the hazards that Bob Rae confronted during his years as premier of Ontario.</p>
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Linchpin #8 (Ontario anarchist newspaper) out now!

Linchpin #8 OUT NOW!

Common Cause has published the February-March '09 issue of the
Linchpin, with articles on mobilizing for Gaza, Black Anarchism, and
the uprisings in Greece, as well as a review of The Unexpected War:
Canada in Kandahar.

You can find Linchpin online at

DOWNLOAD ---> PDF of Linchpin issue #8 to download

Copies of Linchpin are available in Ontario communities where we have

Feb 27, 2009

A turbine in every yard

Ontario's new Green Energy Act could take the province to the front of the green energy line, or become window dressing for more old-school centralized nuclear power plans.
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NDP Leadership and Cheri DiNovo

Well, I was just going to edit out the bits that were likely libelous, but then there wasn't much left, so I'm just canning the whole thing. Tattler, another post like that and you're gone. Oh what the hell, you're gone anyway.

 [post edited by oldgoat]

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Fire Fantino: the 2009 edition

So can someone explain to me why this clown is still head of the OPP?


Globe and Mail: Nasty Fantino battle winds through courts

Accusations of high-level political interference, petty
vindictiveness and tarnished reputations will be on public display this
week as Ontario's top cop heads to court to force an adjudicator he
accuses of bias to step down from a police disciplinary hearing.

The Divisional Court case Thursday that has entangled Ontario
Provincial Police Commissioner Julian Fantino comes years after an act
of domestic violence that, at most, would have been a media footnote.

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Wood burning neighbour is killing me HELP!

My neighbour uses a wood stove to heat his house. Thick wood smoke comes from the chimney 24-7. It is 30 feet from my house. I've just moved in (dec 15th) and my breathing has been very bad. I have asthma and have had to increase my meds, altho I am still not breathing well. I live in southern ontario, in a large municipality, that has no bylaws about wood smoke from inside a home. I dont know what to do. The smoke is ruining me.


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