Nov 18, 2011

jhr Rights Report #10: Censorship in paradise

Journalists for Human Rights
The jhr Rights Report goes global to look at censorship in countries around the world. This edition speaks to Reporters Without Borders about their Censorship Paradise campaign.
Nov 17, 2011

Hill Dispatches: Quebec fights back on guns

Karl Nerenberg
Quebec Government wants the feds to give it the gun data that was collected in Quebec. And if the feds refuse? "We'll see," Quebec minister says.
Nov 15, 2011

jhr Rights Radio: Human rights law

Journalists for Human Rights
jhr Montreal correspondent Adam Bemma sits down with human rights lawyer Pearl Eliadis, to discuss how important it is for lawyers to work with journalists when reporting on genocide.
Nov 14, 2011

McGill students violently forced off campus

Erin Hudson and Jessica Lukawiecki
Student demonstrators are violently forced off campus and subjected to tear gas and pepper spray during a student protest against tuition hikes.
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What ever happened to plans for a provincial NDP in Quebec?

What ever happened to plans for a provincial NDP in Quebec?  As I recall some former MLA wanted to created a provincial NDP party in Quebec.

I think the timing is critical to get this off the ground and soon, especially since the creation of the new right-wing party today: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Coalition_for_the_Future_of_Quebec

In the Saskatchewan form, someone pointed out that the right often forms new political parties, switches allegiances to another party, or rename/rebrand the existing party - whenever the existing conservative party plunges in the polls.


BC Social Credit > (switched allegiances) > BC Liberals

Saskatchewan Progressive Conservatives > (formed new party) > Saskatchewan Party

Nov 11, 2011

La consternante performance du NPD

Pierre Beaudet
Apres l'election du 2 mai dernier et la percee surprise du NPD, plusieurs electeurs et electrices du Quebec etaient enclins e donner la chance au coureur. Mais six mois plus tard...


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