END:CIV with director Franklin López

May 6, 2011 to May 7, 2011
900 Ontario Est. Berri-UQAM Metro.
Montreal , QC
45° 31' 8.1048" N, 73° 33' 49.122" W
Quebec CA
END:CIV illustrates the brutality of a civilization addicted to systematic violence and environmental destruction, and the heroism of those who confront it head-on.
Apr 24, 2011

The extraordinary alliance

Pierre Beaudet
An extraordinary alliance is building up in Quebec to defeat the Bloc, and pushing Jack and the NDP forward.
Apr 23, 2011

The rise and fall of the Liberal Party in Quebec

Pierre Beaudet
After the departure of Chretien, a sort of “civil war” erupted in the Liberal Party against the establishment led by Chretien and the inheritors of Trudeau, heavily supported by an opaque network.
Apr 17, 2011

Jack and Gilles, down the hill...

Pierre Beaudet
Jack needs to concentrate where the NPD can make real and sustainable gains, in Ontario and B.C. The enemy of the Canadian left is not Quebec nationalism.
Apr 14, 2011

'Bourgeois' democracy

Pierre Beaudet
In a distant past when the left was more self-assertive, we used to denigrate the mainstream political process around its usual institutions, political parties, reformist ideologies and elections.
Apr 12, 2011

Election 2011: Race and class in Quebec (2)

Pierre Beaudet
Traditionally in Quebec, the vote is sharply split, ethnically-speaking. The Anglo minority votes are systematic, year after year, and without major dissent for the Liberal party.
Apr 12, 2011

Taking the politics out of politics at McGill

Emilio Comay del Junco
The pressure to find a supposedly neutral centre is strong everywhere, and growing stronger -- this is true on McGill's campus, and it's true in the current federal election.


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