A Canadian Air Force F-18 Hornet jet escorting a Russian TU-95 Bear heavy bomber out of Canadian airspace in 2007. Image: U.S. Air Force photo/Master Sgt. Cecilio M. Ricardo J
Brent Patterson | New warplanes may signal a willingness to extract 90 billion barrels of oil from the Arctic as climate change enables northern extractivism.
Image: "Feel Deeply." Copyright Kimberly Edgar. Used with permission.
Victoria Fenner | Kimberly Edgar talks about the isolation of Dawson City, Yukon, and how being up north in a small community has helped their art to flourish during COVID-19, in Episode 2 of "My Art Wears a Mask."
Image: Sovereign Soil
Doreen Nicoll | "Sovereign Soil" looks at life and death, seasonal cycles, notions of time and how people are living in relative equilibrium with nature.
Meg Borthwick | Hundreds of anti-racist activists showed up at London's City Hall on Saturday for a highly organized counter protest against a white supremacist rally.
  David Suzuki tests the green waters of the Hart River.
David Suzuki | On March 22, the Supreme Court of Canada will hear the Peel watershed case. A positive ruling could not only protect the Peel, but also the rights of First Nations in future land-use planning.
Yukon Chamber of Mines promoting wall building material to US president-elect
Lewis Rifkind | Along with the surprising result of the American election this week, the Liberal party's sweep to power in the Yukon also defied optimists on the left.
Yukon newspapers and election headlines
Lewis Rifkind | A progressive vision is what the Yukon needs. That is why I voted for the Yukon New Democrats.
Elections Yukon press release regarding ongoing enquiries
Lewis Rifkind | Two polls have been released in the Yukon about the territorial election. They are probably not comparable, but they are the only game in town. Let us analyze them.
Yukon NDP Website Meets A Word Cloud Generator
Lewis Rifkind | Yukon advertising is doing well in the 2016 territorial election day, and it is not just the political parties who are doing it.
Yukon Greens Campaign Vehicle (before the snow)
Lewis Rifkind | The Yukon Green Party is running five candidates, although it is highly unlikely any of them will get elected. Pity, because they have some good ideas.
I'm Voting For The Peel - door hanger
Lewis Rifkind | The Yukon 2016 territorial election is well underway. Voting day is Nov. 7, but first there is an almost endless series of debates, forums and discussions.
Unofficial House Banners of the 2016 Yukon Election
Lewis Rifkind | The dukes and barons of the territory of Yukon joust, as they do every five years, to see who will become the ruling lord; but the wire to the south is in peril!