Jul 20, 2013

Book: Empire's Ally

A new collection of essays from the University of Toronto press takes a critical look at the political economy of war making in general and Canada’s foreign policy in particular.
Jul 11, 2013

'Tiny House Movement' in Sub-Arctic Whitehorse, Yukon

George Lessard
"… Leaf House Version.2 is currently on the market for CAD$44,500 (US$43,429), which is a steal if you take into consideration that it cost Herbert CAD$40,000 (US$39,038) to build...."
Jun 27, 2013

Dear Ryan: Ten percenters, 'Tory trash' and you

Linda Leon
Ten Percenters are taxpayer-funded one-page flyers. In her latest letter to Yukon MP Ryan Leef, Linda Leon calls this practice legalized theft of public money and an abuse of public trust.
Jun 24, 2013

The crisis in the cost of Northern living

George Lessard
There is a spiralling cost of all goods and services in Northern Canada, be it in the three territories or across the northern portion of the provinces. Food is the most immediate & visceral example.


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