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The need to vote strategically

We can only hope that Stephen Harper's coalition scare tactic will backfire, as it is likely that he is the one most worried that the majority of Canadians might see a coalition as a better choice than his jets, prisons and corporate tax cuts. Most other multi-party, parliamentary countries have coalition governments that serve their population very well, and it would be great to see political parties working together for the good of this country. Since Canada lacks a tradition of coalition governments, the only way for the majority of Canadians to ensure the next government best represents their issues is to vote for the candidate that has the best chance of winning.

Mar 31, 2011

Green stuff

Pierre Beaudet
In Quebec, the Greens have collapsed. Most of their leadership was absorbed by the PQ, starting with their leader Scott McKay.
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NDP will raise corperate taxes to pay for job creation plan

NDP has a plan to raise corp taxes back to over 19% to play for plan to drop small business taxes from 11% to 9% and offer ccp rebate of 4500 for new hirings plus an extra 1000 if the employee is retained for 12 months. I like it. Yes it is a tax cut, but it is intelligently created unlike lib con ones. Jack is hoping for the small business vote along with the unemployed.


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