2008 US Election

Apr 6, 2009

Is Barack Obama the Bob Rae of the United States?

James Laxer
<p>It may seem a preposterous proposition but the political perils in the path of Barack Obama are remarkably similar to the hazards that Bob Rae confronted during his years as premier of Ontario.</p>
Book Review
Mar 12, 2009

Politics that pack more punch

Judy Rebick
Activist and rabble.ca co-founder, Judy Rebick, identifies a new kind of politics in an excerpt from her new book, Transforming Power.
Mar 4, 2009

Changing world view!

Uzma Shakir
How the world changes when you leave the borders of North America! Watching Obama from Canada and then from Pakistan is quite surreal!
Jan 16, 2009

Here's the real Obama question

There's another kind of change in politics: not marking it but making it. It's unclear whether Barack Obama will initiate this kind of active change.
Nov 19, 2008

Reaction to Obama’s victory

We hear two progressive voices talking about their response to the election of Barack Obama on November 4.
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