Dec 15, 2010

Chiefs' salary issue torqued to suit agenda

Doug Cuthand
The Canadian Taxpayers Federation was misleading when it criticized chiefs' wages. Leadership is not about getting rich, but rather creating wealth and well-being for your community.

Trans film night:: 'Two Spirits'

Nov 22, 2010 to Nov 23, 2010
William Doo Auditorium
45 Willcocks
M5S 1C7 Toronto , ON
43° 39' 40.608" N, 79° 24' 2.5668" W
Ontario CA
Trans Inclusion Group hosts free screening of "Two Spirits" - the Fred Martinez Story - FREE
Aug 27, 2010

Fish Lake is a test for Canadian environmental law

Josh Paterson
Four years ago, the Harper government allowed two lakes to be turned into tailings ponds for mines. Mining corporations have now applied to use 11 more as toxic dump sites, including this B.C. haven.
Book Review
Aug 5, 2010

Van Camp spins tales from the North

Jorge Antonio Vallejos
Richard Van Camp's new collection of short fiction brings stories from the North to the rest of Turtle Island.


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