Book Review
Nov 6, 2008

A parenting guide for the rest of us

Jessica Mills
Jessica Mills, a touring punk musician, silversmith, anarchist and pacifist writes on her experiences as a punk parent.
Book Review
Nov 6, 2008

Opting In: A mother's manifesto

Kirsten Marshall
Opting In is a response to the 2004 New York Times Magazine's cover story The Opt-Out Revolution, which discusses the trend of educated American women leaving their careers in favour of motherhood.
Book Review
Nov 14, 2008

Food for thought

Sally Miller
Food, one of the basic necessities of life, has vast potential as a powerful agent for economic and cultural change. So says Sally Miller in her newly released book, Edible Action.
Book Review
Sep 11, 2008
 Branding Miss G__: Third Wave Feminists and the Media

Acting out

Jessica Rose
A fresh third wave feminist force, the Miss G__ Project, Canada's version of Code Pink, have been lobbying for the introduction of a Women's and Gender Studies course in high schools across Canada. I


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