City workers dismantle the encampment at Trinity Bellwoods Park. Image: Paul Salvatori/Used with Permission
Rick Salutin | "I understand, people pay millions of dollars for nice lavish condos that look over the park here and I'm doing it for want me to leave? Fine, I'll leave, I get it."
A pair of black, very fancy high-heeled shoes. Image: Chrystia Freeland/Twitter
Cathy Crowe | Another year, another budget and a huge disconnect symbolized by a pair of high-heeled shoes. Canadians' housing needs remain unanswered.
A tiny wooden shelter with a window and a lock on the door. Image: courtesy of Khaleel Seivwright from his website
Cathy Crowe | In a modern David and Goliath epic, the city of Toronto is threatening carpenter Khaleel Seivwright with legal action over his structures for homeless people.
Downtown Vancouver. Photo: Magnus Larsson/Flickr
Karl Nerenberg | The big takeaway is that a society cannot count on the private sector alone to provide rental housing. The government must play a major role.
Image from Ashley Reyns for Ottawa ACORN, used with permission
Herongate ACORN Tenant Leaders | When a corporate landlord served tenants of the Herongate community in Ottawa with eviction notices, the community began organizing to fight displacement and corporate gentrification.
Activist Toolkit
Image credit: The Blackbird (Jay Black) - Flickr from wikimedia
| A detailed paper from the United States breaks down actual housing costs
Front page Toronto Star in 1998. "Plight of the homeless a national disaster."
Cathy Crowe | Homelessness has reached post-apocalyptic levels in the absence of a national housing program.
Photo courtesy of Raluca Bejan
Open letter | In an open letter, students from St. Thomas University in Fredericton ask government to remedy the housing shortage that is so clearly evident by the tent city that has sprung up in the urban centre.
A protest banner with words Housing Shelter Safe Space Now
Cathy Crowe | While campaigns for a national right to housing flourish, the same attention is not paid to the right to shelter.
Front page of the 1996 Inquest Update. Heading says "Presiding coroner angrily demands: Don't use the H**** word any more!"
Cathy Crowe | Recent inquest into the death of Grant Faulkner, who died in January 2015, excluded evidence on affordable housing, shelter availability, or the effectiveness of the cold weather alert system.
A report card grades the four Ontario political parties on a number of social issues. Image credit: Health Providers Against Poverty
Cathy Crowe | Health Providers Against Poverty analyzes Ontario party platforms with an equity lens.
A box in the Tent City memory archive shows a KFC box, can of fruit, hammer, electrical cord. Photo credit: Nicole Brumley
Cathy Crowe, Jon Alexander | The Department of Public Memory collaborates with the Toronto Disaster Relief Committee in a hands-on archive to remember their joint campaign for affordable housing.