Mìwàte's dazzling lights distract from the dam that imprisons the falls. Photo: Dr. Julie Comber
Dr. Julie Comber | There is an appropriate and inappropriate way to celebrate the sacred Akikodjiwan (Chaudière Falls) through art
Lynn Gehl | Truth and Reconciliation events this weekend need to better acknowledge the Algonquin Anishinaabeg issue in Ontario.
Greg Macdougall | Speak out against the plan to build condos on scared Algonquin land.
Book Review
Mara Munro | Fractured Homeland is Bonita Lawrence's stirring account of the Algonquins' 20-year struggle to reclaim their traditional territories.
Protest in Ottawa by the Algonquin people protesting the mining at Barriere, Dec. 2010. Photo: alienbeatpoet/Flickr
Krystalline Kraus | The Algonquin community of Barriere Lake, Quebec, has for weeks been confronting a new threat to their unceded indigenous territory and a lack of respect for previous agreements.
Algonquins of Barriere Lake vs. Section 74 of the Indian Act
rabbleTV | Barriere Lake Solidarity's video highlights the struggle by the Algonquins of Barriere Lake (ABL) against the Canadian government's imposition of Section 74 of the Indian Act.
Bridget Tolley, right, with a poster of her mother, Gladys Tolley, who was struck and killed by a police car in Quebec in 2001. Photo: Bridget Tolley
Alex Hundert | Algonquin elder Gladys Tolley was killed by a police car driving through the Kitigan Zibi reserve in Quebec in 2001. Her daughter began a fight for answers that is being ignored by authorities.
Martha Troian | The battle for Beaver Pond Forest, near Ottawa, has started, with the clear cutting of this 1,100-hectare wilderness. First Nations say the forest is of historic and spiritual significance.
rabbleTV | Algonquin Daniel Bernard "Amikwabe" set up a camp to keep a Sacred Fire burning round the clock next to the entrance of the Beaver Pond forest in Kanata.
Corvin Russell | Canada and Quebec are waging a war of attrition on the Algonquins of Barriere Lake, a few hours north of Ottawa. Today we came to Ottawa to show our anger and disgust at this treatment.
Citizenshift | How colonial history and modern interference pushes an Algonquin community to blockade a major highway in order to defend its rights.