Dec 16, 2014
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Why does Anonymous need to be anonymous?

Stephen Kimber
Late last week, Anonymous Maritimes, an apparent branch plant of the leader-less worldwide network of Internet "hacktivists" issued its latest YouTube manifesto.
Mar 26, 2012

jhr Rights Report #23: #RightsMedia

Journalists for Human Rights
The final edition of the jhr Rights Report focuses on human rights and social media. Host @AdamBemma speaks to social media correspondent @DamianoR about everything #RightsMedia.
Activist Toolkit

Blog anonymously

How to create a blog that is difficult to trace and virtually anonymous
Jan 23, 2012

jhr Rights Radio: Operation Megaupload

Journalists for Human Rights
jhr social media correspondent @DamianoR reports on the largest-ever online attack by hacker group Anonymous: Operation Megaupload.
Jun 12, 2011

Recent anonymous actions

Peter Marmorek
Anonymous and Wikileaks aren’t exactly the same group: the former is Anonymous, the latter merely anonymous.Important -- and ignored -- Wikileaks and recent actions by Anonymous.
Jul 9, 2010

More on online anonymity

Eric Mang
Eric Mang continues to ponder his position on online pseudonyms. A few weeks ago I posted a missive opposing anonymous comments on news websites...
May 26, 2010

On anonymous posting

Eric Mang
As someone who attaches his name to his writing, I hold a certain amount of scorn for people who post under pseudonyms or anonymously to news sites.


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