Book Review
Jan 20, 2011

Complicating the Arctic

Noreen Mae Ritsema
In an interview with, Shelagh D. Grant discusses her book Polar Imperative, a book that challenges images of a pristine, snow-covered landscape and exposes the Arctic's long dormant issues.
Aug 25, 2010

Minister apologizes to Inuit for forced arctic relocation

This past week newly appointed Minister of Indian Affairs and Northern Development John Duncan issued an official apology from the government of Canada to Inuit for the forced high arctic relocation.

Zero Nuclear Weapons: A Forum

Nov 14, 2009
City Council Chambers of Toronto City Hall
100 Queen St. W.
M5H 2N1 Toronto , ON
43° 39' 8.892" N, 79° 23' 2.4468" W
Ontario CA
A discussion of the current prospects for nuclear disarmament and related issues by some of the foremost analysts from Canada and elsewhere.
Oct 28, 2009

Grand Arctic promises

Am Johal interviews Dr. Michael Byers, Canada Research Chair in Global Politics and International Law at UBC, about Canada's stake in the North and his new book, Who Owns the Arctic?
May 24, 2009

Episode 3 - Three Squares on the Tundra

The Roaming Ear
Victoria Fenner explores the challenges of finding exciting, fresh and inexpensive food north of the Arctic Circle, and finds Pizza Hut, muktuk and $39.00 burgers and fries.


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