Claude Schryer by Rideau River. Image: Sabrina Matthews. Used with permission
Victoria Fenner | Climate data is not always resonating with the general population, so artists are looking for new ways to tell those stories.
Image Copyright: Ruth Lande Shuman and Publicolor. Used with permission.
Face2Face | Ruth Lande Shuman talks about creativity and change, our inner artists, the deprivation of colour, empowerment and Pepto Bismol pink, and the potential for social change.
Amy Goodman, Denis Moynihan | This year's Venice Biennale showcases a growing community of politically engaged artists, who not only reflect the beauty and brutality of the world, but might actually change it.
Book Review
Steffanie Pinch | How do we take back and transform the narrative from the mainstream? Well, knitting, patching, felting and sewing are a good start.
David Swanson | Riga, Latvia's capital, was chosen as the 2014 European Capital of Culture. These are some stories from Riga's creative community.
Rick Salutin | The fine Canadian painter with a Ukrainian heritage, Natalka Husar, dropped by with her book Burden of Innocence. The work is figurative, kitschy, classically iconic, exotic yet disturbingly familiar.
Dalva Lamminmäki
Lynn Thompson | Dalva Lamminmäki has visited Canada from Finland in this last year, finding a growing network of people interested in traditions that she speaks about, and... trees.
Rick Salutin | Tom Thomson and the Group of Seven is now at the McMichael art gallery near Toronto, after what we're told was a successful European tour.
Thomas Ponniah | Street artists like the Brazilian twins known as Os Gêmeos are expanding not only our notion of the arena that art should inhabit but also our conception of the right to the city.
Activist Toolkit
| How to form any kind of co-op from the ground up.
Stefan Christoff | As Montreal is being celebrated as a centre for cutting edge art in North America, a heightened critical reflection on artistic production and its representation is necessary.
Image: canadianart.ca
Andrea Carson | With all this talk of financial reform, from the global to the municipal levels (hello, Rob Ford), maybe it's time we looked at whether the granting system in Canada could use some reform of its own.