Oct 25, 2013

Fighting for a living wage for garment workers in Asia

Asia Pacific Currents
Interview with Irene Xavier from the Asian Floor Wage Campaign on what the living wage campaign is, which countries it affects, and how workers are being organized around this issue.
Jul 19, 2013

May Day in the Philippines

Asia Pacific Currents
Labour updates from the Asia Pacific region and interviews with demonstrators at this year's May Day rallies in Manila, Philippines.
Jul 9, 2013

The Foreign Investment Myth

There is a theory that millionaires from Asia buying up housing in Vancouver are the cause of the affordable housing crisis in Vancouver. Jackie Wong, Pablo Mendez and Henry Yu disagree.
Jun 8, 2013

May Day in New Delhi

Asia Pacific Currents
Labour updates from the Asia Pacific region, and an interview with Satyam Varna, a labour activist from New Delhi, about the importance of May Day for workers.
Mar 1, 2013

General Strike a success in India

Asia Pacific Currents
Labour updates and an interview with Vasudevan I, General Secretary of the New Trade Union Initiative on the General Strike in India on February 20 and 21.
Jan 7, 2013

Don't blame the messenger for bleak news

Gerry Caplan
From now on, no more protecting readers from the whole truth, however unpalatable. It's humanity's record, after all, and while you can run away from it, you really can't hide.


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