Poet and scholar Rita Wong
Frieda Werden | Wong spoke of walking the tar sands, learning our relations to oil and water, and how both missing and murdered women and missing and murdered watersheds are results of colonization.
More than 600 volunteers with Citizens' Climate Lobby converged on Capitol Hill
Cheryl McNamara | My week in late June began by shaking the hand of President Obama. It ended by interviewing First Nations and Métis living in the heart of the Athabasca Tar Sands.
Karl Nerenberg | On CBC's The National, last week, the "At Issue" panel argued if Obama didn't accept the Keystone XL pipeline it was for "political reasons." But how do the panelists' day jobs affect their reasoning?
Photo: flickr/Howl Arts Collective
Harrison Samphir | Who will the Jackpine Mine expansion justify in the end? Though 700-plus jobs may be created, are they enough to justify complete environmental degradation of Indigenous land?
Alice Rigney in Fort Chipewyan
Emma Pullman | Tar sands, cancer and becoming an Elder: stories from Fort Chipewyan Emma Pullman is writing stories from impacted communities on the front lines of the tar sands. Here is part two of a series.
Alberta Premier Ed Stelmach
David J. Climenhaga | Alberta has only three instinctive responses to bad news from scientists about oil extraction from the Athabasca tar sands: deny, deny and deny.