Image: Edwin DeMont, used with permission of the NOPE Campaign
Scott Neigh | Protecting a threatened ecosystem -- Scott Beaver and Chris Hunter talk about the NOPE Campaign against the proposed Cochrane Hill gold mine on the St. Mary's River in Nova Scotia.
Environment commissioner Julie Gelfand. Photo by Karl Nerenberg
Karl Nerenberg | In her spring report, federal Environment Commissioner Julie Gelfand takes the federal government to task for failing to adequately regulate and supervise the salmon farming industry.
A BC fish farm. File photo
Karl Nerenberg | In 1992, concerned scientists described a series of danger signs for the planet. Twenty five years later, all but one of those dangers signs are worse.
Dave Kattenburg | Four New Brunswickers speak of their love of New Brunswick's lovely Nashwaak River, and guide us to her top.
Aquaculture Moratorium rally
Christopher Majka | Salmon aquaculture, once a miracle, is increasingly a morass, generating pollution, parasitism, disease, and genetic pollution. Are there solutions? Yes. The political will to implement them? Maybe.