austerity measures

Apr 27, 2012
Enter Shikari

Enter Shikari: Politicized music

Progressive Voices
On this week's episode of Progressive Voices, I speak with Rou Reynolds of the band Enter Shikari on today's culture of war and austerity, the Zeitgeist and Occupy movements, and more.
Apr 17, 2012

The Harper regime in question

The Harper Conservatives may think they have a right to govern as they please, and they act as though the opposition parties have to accept what they decide: political reality suggests otherwise.
Apr 9, 2012

Austerity fever

I Read The News Today, Oh Boy!
Austerity fever is catching, and it isn't a pleasant disease. Symptoms include unemployment, growing wealth gaps, crumbling infrastructure and more. We diagnose it and give some health tips.
Apr 4, 2012

Selling the 2012 federal budget: Envy-nomics 101

Erika Shaker
Budget 2012 certainly spreads the pain around -- paying special attention to some of the most vulnerable. But it's a lot less generous when it comes to sharing the recovery.


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