Barack Obama

Dec 22, 2013
Image: wikimedia commons

After Mandela, there is still reason to hope

Gerry Caplan
After Nelson Mandela's passing, today's youth, who witnessed the undiluted admiration of the great man from the whole of the world, might have hope for a colour-blind future
Sep 23, 2013
Image: wikipedia commons

Syria makes politicians say the darnedest things

Gerry Caplan
John Baird appears to pull data out of thin air. Obama calls America "humble" and "exceptional" in the same breath. What Syria makes our elected leaders utter aloud is mind-boggling.
Sep 9, 2013

What would Martin Luther King think of Obama?

Gerry Caplan
Martin Luther King would surely have been confounded by the record of Barack Obama, whose presidency would have been unthinkable without King and who paid King a lengthy tribute at the commemoration.


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