Oct 31, 2009

Pipeline sabotage in B.C.

Since October 2008, six explosions have damaged sour gas pipelines in the Tomslake area in the province of British Columbia.
Oct 20, 2009

Lalo & Patrick take on Gordo's arts cuts

Writer and political satirist Lalo Espejo with comedic songs by composer and improvisor Patrick Pennefather, offer insight into the culture-cide that the B.C. government is serving its citizens.
Oct 2, 2009

Another war criminal visits Canada

rabble staff
Rather than spending the rest of his days behind bars for war crimes in Iraq, Tony Blair could become president of the EU. The former UK PM visits Surrey, B.C. this weekend.
Oct 1, 2009

Harper's Sales Tax: The PM and the HST

Eric Mang
With the HST, the McGuinty and Campbell governments in Ontario and B.C. are taking political risks on behalf of the Harper government.
Sep 21, 2009

Public power and green energy

The B.C. government says it wants to make the province a clean energy powerhouse. Joe Foy of the Wilderness Committee says the only way to do that is to keep B.C. Hydro public.
Sep 1, 2009

Missing: Eight million fish

Fisheries and Oceans Canada estimated that more than ten million sockeye salmon were going to return to the Fraser River this year. Now they say there'll only be two million.
Aug 13, 2009

Olympic volunteer secondment - VANOC style

Pina Belperio
On August 10, VANOC announced that, "The B.C. govt is offering partially paid leave to its 30,000 public servants if they volunteer for the 2010 Olympics."


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