Rush Hour on the Dunsmuir Separated Bike Lane. Image: Flickr/Paul Krueger
David Suzuki | Bikes are easier than cars on infrastructure such as roads, help reduce health care costs and can alleviate poverty as people spend less on vehicle-related costs.
Liz Kessler | Cyclists might be rude and badly behaved, but when drivers mess up, we die.
Ole Hendrickson | One of the most important things individuals can do to combat climate change is to use alternatives to cars for frequent, shorter trips. Let's weigh the benefits and risks of active transportation.
Erica Butler | Robert DeVet interviews Linda Pannozzo about her book, "The Devil and the Deep Blue Sea: The Scapegoating of Canada's Grey Seals" and then Erica Butler speaks with Marc Jolicoeur of Vélo Québec.
James D. Schwartz | Think biking takes a lot of effort and commitment? On the contrary! James D. Schwartz explains why riding his bike makes him lazy.
Photo: Sweet One / flickr
Albert Koehl | Building our cities to accommodate cars has meant creating public roadways that usually aren't welcoming to cyclists or pedestrians, even for short trips.
Book Review
Chris Carlsson | Critical Mass was born 20 years ago among dozens of people in San Francisco and has reproduced itself in over 350 cities, thanks to the efforts of countless thousands across the planet.
Graeme Stewart | A "complete streets" approach to cycling policy, an "Ontario cycling plan" and other highlights (and low-lights) from the Ontario coroner's report.
David Suzuki | Getting people out of cars and onto bikes won't solve all our climate and pollution problems, and bicycling isn't possible for everyone, but the more people cycle, the better off we'll all be.