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| The Corporate Mapping Project maps Big Oil's political reach
Photo: flickr/Chris Yakimov
Sarah Schmidt | Chuck Strahl, a former Conservative cabinet minister and current chair of the Security Intelligence Review Committee (SIRC) defends himself against allegations of a conflict of interest.
Andrea Palframan | First Nations are bringing their cases before the Canadian judiciary and standing as a formidable barrier against the Harper government's fossil fuel expansion agenda.
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Jimmy Thomson | The changes to the Fisheries Act explicitly removed fish habitat from protection. So now, Canada can celebrate its newest holiday Throw Some Shit in a River Day!
Photo: Anne Brown
Krystle Alarcon | Locals living close to oil and gas projects in Alberta are not surprised a recent study found that chemicals in the air cause blood-related cancers.
Karl Nerenberg | Harper's actions are sabotaging any progress Canada has made in environmental protection matters. Now, many species at risk that live in areas of oil and gas activity are on the chopping block.
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Bernadette Wagner | Did the HarperCons have poor science education? Because it's clear they're not responding to the science on the Enbridge project. What interest does it serve the government in ignoring science?