Jul 26, 2016
Corn field

Will growing our fuels drive us to a cleaner future?

David Suzuki
Research into new types of biofuels is also important, but the massive amounts of land, biomass and water required to produce conventional biofuels mean they aren't a panacea.
Sep 10, 2013

Incinerating trash is a waste of resources

David Suzuki
We need to find ways to manage waste and generate energy without relying on fossil fuels. But we have better options than landfills and incineration, starting with reducing waste.
Jun 6, 2013

New York corporation making false promises in Cameroon

Herakles Farms aims to establish a huge palm oil plantation in one of the poorest countries in Africa. Frederic Mousseau calls the project a land grab that will make billions of dollars for investors.
Apr 16, 2012
Full-scale anaerobic digester. Photo: kqedquest/Flickr

Biogas and fertilizer in a new age

Bob Harrington
The use of biogas as a fuel in Sweden suggests that there is a replacement for fuel oil that is derived from wastes buried by ecological processes of decomposition and storage.
Oct 23, 2010

Bioethanol and biodiesel not a green alternative

Agrofuels don't benefit the environment and they don't benefit the people or countries who produce them, according to Lucy Sharratt of the Canadian Biotechnology Network.


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