Raoul Peck on Class Economics, "I Am Not Our Negro" and White Privilege.
Face2Face | Raoul and I talk about white privilege, consumerism and class economics, apathy and ignorance and how most issues are not about guilt, but about "knowing."
Amy Goodman, Denis Moynihan | Amidst the unrelenting commercial fanfare surrounding Super Bowl 50, a raw and undiluted expression of a powerful social movement made its way onto centre field.
Robyn Maynard | Black power, resistance, and music in Canada and beyond
Photo: WNV/Bryan van Hulst
Bryan Van Hulst | December 6 marked the closure of the annual celebration of Sinterklaas, a Dutch children's festivity that has now become a highly charged political battleground because of the use of blackface.
Book Review
Muna Mire | 'Fear of a Black Nation' documents an impressive amount of history about how race operates in modern North America and the actions of the Canadian Black Power movement.
Stefan Christoff | Stefan Christoff interviews author David Austin about his book 'Fear of a Black Nation: Race, Sex and Security in Sixties Montreal' and the importance of the Black Power movement in Canada.